Why Qbic

Empower your workforce with a modern learning ecosystem

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it's more important than ever to invest in your employees' professional development. Our learning solution combines the value of a learning management system with the flexibility of a course marketplace, enabling businesses to provide comprehensive learning opportunities that extend beyond their own walls.

A robust learning solution to unlock the potential of your workforce

Qbic is a robust LMS providing a powerful set of tools and resources to help organizations build a skilled and productive workforce. You can customize user attributes to replicate your organization's structure within the system, choose any preferred attribute for bulk course assignments, and reclaim admin time by automatically adding new members to required learning programs. Along with customized learning paths, assessments, and reporting, organizations can create multiple independent entities within one account, simplifying multi-organizational management.

Extend your learning beyond your organization

Qbic supports simple and free B2B course sharing by allowing organizations to deliver content to anyone using public channels within the marketplace. Qbic's course marketplace is not just a platform for monetizing and sharing content, but also a community that enables organizations to extend their learning network beyond their organization. By leveraging the marketplace, organizations can offer a wider range of content to their employees, customers, partners, and vendors, and enhance their brand reputation and thought leadership in their industry.

A learning solution built to communicate

Drive collaborative and comfortable learning in Qbic through a variety of direct communication methods. Qbic enables support through 1-on-1 Chat, making it easy for businesses to connect with course providers or their customers for any specific needs or queries. Organizations can also promote social learning and team development through discussion forums, allow learners to share their feedback via course surveys, and disseminate important information using mass announcements.